Lone Eagle Peak from Mirror Lake, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado

Notes: "Lone Eagle Peak"

The 8 mile hike to Crater Lake with Lone Eagle Peak as a backdrop is THE classic trip in Indian Peaks and is accessed from the Monarch Lake trailhead on the west side of the wilderness in the Grand Lake area of Colorado. This image was actually taken from Mirror Lake which is located about a quarter mile before and just north east of Crater Lake and is perfect for exploring different compositions of the peak.

My trip to this spectacular area was far too short, just 3 days. The cirque that holds these two lakes almost completely surrounds the area with pinnacles, spires and alpine ridgelines in all directions.

Pawnee Lake is just over one ridge to the east and the trail continues on over Pawnee Pass and down to Lake Isabelle, Long Lake and ends at the Brainard Lake trailhead on the east side of the wilderness.

 Image No. 110811  "Lone Eagle Peak"
 Location  Mirror Lake - Indian Peaks Wilderness - Colorado
 Coordinates + Topo Link  40° 4'46.08"N   105° 39'34.44"W
 Format  35mm Contax - Zeiss 25mm Lens - Velvia 50